Welcome to our extensive range of robot components and accessories! We offer everything you need to build and enhance your robotic creations, from all types of robot metallic chassis and motors to a wide range of sensors and transistors, as well as various crystals, PCBs, and components.

Our selection of board modules, breadboards, regulators, and Raspberry Pis provides you with everything you need to build, test, and experiment with your robot. Our capacitors, ICs, cables, diodes, and resistors come in a variety of sizes and specifications to meet your specific needs.

For displays, we offer an extensive range of LED displays that will help you monitor and control your robot with ease. Our switches and jumper wires make it easy to connect and control different parts of your robot, while our LX-101A light meter luxmeter allows you to measure and monitor light levels with precision.

We also offer a range of high-quality tools to assist you in your robot building and repair, including stainless steel straight and curved tips tweezers for mobile, gadget, laptop, and jewelry repair, and a compatible remote control for LG AC split/window AC remote no.93. And to ensure your robot runs smoothly, we also offer a white color heat sink paste cooling compound thermal conductive silicone sealant MT-1302B.

So, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, we have everything you need to build, enhance, and maintain your robots. Shop now from Rndstore.in and take advantage of our high-quality products at competitive prices.

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0.28 Inch 0-100v Three Wire Dc Voltmeter Digital Voltmeter Tester (Pack of 1)

Looking for a reliable and accurate voltmeter to help you measure voltage in your electrical circuit? Look no further than

1 W Resistors (Pack of 10)

Introducing our top-of-the-line 1 W resistors, the ultimate solution for high-quality audio amplifiers and various electronic circuits. With a 10ohm

10 Mm Diameter Triangle Tactile Metal No Leg 300 Force Snap Dome Switch (Pack of 10)

Introducing the 10 Mm Diameter Triangle Tactile Metal No Leg 300 Force Snap Dome Switch – the ultimate solution for

10 Segment Digital Red Led Bar Graph Display Ultra Bright (Pack of 10)

Introducing the 10 Segment Digital Red Led Bar Graph Display, the perfect addition to any electronic project. This ultra-bright display

1000 Uf /63 Capacitor (Pack of 10)

If you’re looking for a high-quality and reliable capacitor, look no further than our 1000 Uf /63 Capacitor. With its

100uf 100v Electrolytic Capacitors (Pack of 10)

Introducing the ultimate solution for your electrical needs – the 100uF 100V electrolytic capacitors! Crafted with precision, these capacitors are

100uf 50v Aluminum Radial Electrolytic Capacitor (Pack of 10)

Introducing the Aluminum Radial Electrolytic Capacitor – the essential component to keep your electronics running smoothly. Featuring a standard category

104 PF CAPACITOR 1206 SMD Electronic Components (Pack of 10)

Looking for a reliable and high-quality electronic component to enhance your circuits? Look no further than our 104 PF Capacitor

10K Ohm Linear Taper Rotary Potentiometer B10K ( Pack of 10)

Introducing the 10K Ohm Linear Taper Rotary Potentiometer B10K, the perfect component to add to your electronic project! This potentiometer


A trimpot or trimmer potentiometer is a small potentiometer which is used for adjustment, tuning and calibration in circuits. When

10k, Vertical Pcb Preset Variable Resistor Trimmer Potentiometer

Introducing the 10k Vertical PCB Preset Variable Resistor Trimmer Potentiometer, your go-to solution for precise resistance control in a wide