Looking to build a robot that’s both sturdy and reliable? Look no further than our metal robot chassis collection! Crafted from high-quality materials, our metal chassis provides a solid foundation for all types of robots, from hobby projects to professional-grade machines.

With our metal robot chassis, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, including enhanced durability, improved stability, and increased versatility. Whether you’re creating a mobile robot or a stationary one, our chassis can be customized to fit your unique needs.

In addition to our metal chassis, we also offer a wide selection of motors to power your robot. From high-speed motors for quick movements to slow-speed motors for precise control, we have everything you need to create the perfect robot.

And don’t forget about our 12V DC Sugarcube Power Relay SRD-12VDC-SL-C 5 PIN (Pack of 2). These power relays are essential for controlling the flow of electricity in your robot, ensuring that it operates safely and efficiently.

So what are you waiting for? Browse our collection of metal robot chassis and accessories today From Rndstore.in and start building the robot of your dreams!

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4 Wheel Car Kit Metal Chassis 260x130x45mm + 500 RPM Dc Motor + 95×20 Mm Wheel Robot Smart Car DIY

Introducing the 4 Wheel Car Kit with Metal Chassis, a must-have for all DIY enthusiasts! This kit includes a 260x130x45mm

5V 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor (Pack of 1)

Introducing the 5V 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor, the compact yet powerful solution for all your motor control needs. This high-quality motor


Introducing our DC Geared Motor, the perfect solution for all your power transmission needs. With its high-quality gears that have

Imported DC Geared Motor Gearmotor for Arduino Robot Smart Car DIY (Pack of 4)

Introducing the Imported DC Geared Motor Gearmotor – the perfect addition to your Arduino Robot Smart Car DIY project. With

Sg90 Micro Servo Motor 9g Rc Robot Helicopter Airplane Boat Controls, Blue (Pack of 1)

Introducing the SG90 Micro Servo Motor – the ultimate tool for all your RC robot, helicopter, airplane, and boat controls!