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Dc-dc Buck Converter Step Down Module (Lm2596) (Pack of 1)

Introducing the LM2596S DC-DC Step-Down Module, the ultimate solution for all your voltage conversion needs. With an impressive input voltage

Digit 7 Segment Led Display Common Cathode (Pack of 10)

4x 0.56-inch 7-segment LED 1 Digit, Red, Common Cathode. Forward Voltage: 1.8V 10 pins. Pitch: standard 0.1″ (2.54mm). Super Bright

Digital Multi Lcr Meter (Pack of 1)

Introducing the Digital Multi LCR Meter, your ultimate solution for measuring resistance, capacitance, and frequency with high accuracy and efficiency.

Diode Sr 360 Pcb Mount (Pack of 10)

Introducing the Diode Sr 360 Pcb Mount – the perfect solution for all your high-current needs. With its low forward

Drv8825 Stepper Motor Driver with Aluminum Heat Sink

Looking for a reliable and efficient stepper motor driver? Look no further than the Drv8825 Stepper Motor Driver with Aluminum

Durable Rubber Robot Tire, Yellow Wheel 65mmx30mm For Bo Dc Motor (Pack of 4)

Introducing the Durable Rubber Robot Tire, a must-have for any robot enthusiast or DIYer looking to take their projects to

El817 Evelight Optocoupler Ic Dip-4 (Pack of 10)

The El817 Evelight Optocoupler IC Dip-4 is the ideal solution for ensuring the safety and reliability of your electronic devices.

EL817 Optocoupler SMD PIN-4 (Pack of 10)

EL817 Optocoupler SMD PIN-4, 817 Series is the perfect solution for designing an IR circuit without the hassle of manual

Fotek 24-480 Vac Ssr-40 Da Solid State Module Made In Talwan (Pack Of 1)

Introducing the Fotek 24-480 Vac Ssr-40 Da Solid State Module, your one-stop solution for seamless voltage control. Proudly made in

Gy 521 Mpu 6050 Module +3 Accelerometer For Arduino (Pack Of 1)

Introducing the MPU-6050 Module – the perfect addition to your Arduino projects! This pack of one module comes equipped with

Hc -sr04 Module Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor Dc-5v (Pack of 1)

Looking for a highly accurate and dependable distance measuring sensor for your next project? Look no further than the HC-SR04

HF2100 (12/15/24/48 Vdc, 30A) Miniature Hight Power Relay (Pack of 1)

Introducing the HF2100 Miniature High Power Relay – the ultimate solution for heavy-duty load switching needs. With a 30A switching