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5mm Diffused Led Pack-basic-ultimatum, Light Emitting Diode (Pack of 10)

Introducing the 5mm Diffused LED Pack-Basic-Ultimatum, the perfect solution to brighten up your DIY projects! This pack includes 10 ultra-bright

5v Breadboard Power Supply Module (Pack of 1)

Introducing the 5V Breadboard Power Supply Module, a must-have for all electronics enthusiasts and DIYers! This powerful module provides a

5v Passive Buzzer Acoustic Component Mini Alarm Speaker For Electronic Project (Pack of 5)

mall and light high power-dissipation capability low frequency high efficiency Consumes very less power, high efficiency Useful in projects, toys,

6x6x3.1 Mm Smd Switch 4 Pin Touch Push Red Smd(Pack of 10)

Introducing the ultimate solution for your electronic switch needs – the 6x6x3.1 mm SMD Switch 4 Pin Touch Push Red

7805 5v voltage regulator (Pack of 10)

Introducing the 7805 5V Voltage Regulator, the perfect solution for your voltage regulation needs! With an input voltage range of

7812 Mosfet Voltage Regulator Ic (Pack of 5)

Introducing the 7812 Mosfet Voltage Regulator Ic – a reliable and efficient solution to your voltage regulation needs. This pack

Advance Metal Chassis For Robots White Evergreen Chassis For Robotics DIY Competition (Pack of 1)

Looking for an advanced metal chassis that can handle all your DIY robotics competitions? Look no further than our white

Atmega32a U-35460k 1848eb2 Microcontroller 20 Pin (Pack of 1)

Introducing the Atmega32a U-35460k 1848eb2 Microcontroller, the ultimate solution for your electronic projects. With its 20 Pin IC and 4.0V

BC 557B Transistor(Pack of 10)

BC547 Transistor Type: NPN Collector Base Voltage: 45V Collector Emitter Base Voltage: 6V Collector Current: 0.5A Power Dissipation: 625mW Storage

Bluetooth Transceiver Module with TTL Output Hc-05 (Pack of1)

The HC05 Bluetooth transceiver Module is Arduino compatible and consists of TTL outputs The HC05 Bluetooth transceiver module is used